Liburna SDS, the smart delivery system

The most innovative, simple and effective SDS delivery platform

What is Liburna SDS?

A smart system: easy yet powerful

The entry of dangerous chemicals into the EU market means companies are obliged to manage information carefully and responsibly. Liburna SDS is the most effective communication system for delivering Safety Data Sheets for substances and mixtures, in order to ensure proper risk management in the workplace.

The number 1 web/mobile service for delivering SDS

Delivering SDS can be chaotic and expensive: websites, email attachments, Certified Electronic Mail, fax and mail are not always proper for the management of complex scenarios, due to a large amount of documents and complex supply chains. Liburna SDS overcomes such critical issues of all traditional systems thanks to a patented digital cloud / mobile technology.

How does it work?

Liburna SDS simplifies the entire SDS logistics cycle in a quick and automatic way; it makes it easy to exchange of information on the dangers / risks
of products for the whole length of the supply chain and provides the supplier with the necessary legal proof to confirm compliance with legal requirements.
  • 1. Suppliers

    Upload and update the product documents in digital format in the requested language onto the company ERP system (SDS, technical data sheets, certificates etc...)

  • 2. Automatic management

    Liburna is automatic: it interfaces with the ERP, imports and sends data. It also requests, notifies, certifies receipt, files, stores, and processes reports.

  • 3. Personal cloud area

    Suppliers and recipients have their own personal cloud area where they can download or consult the stored SDS's and view reports.

  • 4. Direct link / QR Code

    Two delivering systems which can be combined: e-mail with a direct link and QR code, a digital code which can be attached to invoices, delivery notes, labels, product packaging, etc...

  • 5. Recipients

    Just by clicking on the direct link or by reading the QR code it is possible to immediately access the product SDS in the preferred language.

Why is it so powerful?

An innovative tool with strong highlights
REACH compliant

Two delivering systems to be used together or separately, which ensure full legal validity: as well as safe, tracked and stored delivery.

Certified delivery

After delivery, the system associates a time stamp to the document. The time stamp legally certifies receipt.

The supply chain is reached

Information reaches all parts of the supply chain, regardless of its length

Personal cloud area

Suppliers and recipients have their own cloud area where it is possible to download or consult the stored SDSs and view reports.


Every recipient can communicate with their own supplier by delivering product feedback (reports, comments, requests).

Pay-per-use prices

The cost is reasonable and proportional to the number of deliveries.
The service is FREE for the recipient.

Update alerts

When an SDS is revised, the recipients receive an alert message by e-mail or text where they are requested to consult the new SDS in their personal area.

Simultaneous delivery

Suppliers can simultaneously send several documents relating to the product (SDS, technical data sheets, certificates, data from literature etc...).


The system recognizes the language of the SDS
delivered according to regulatory requirements and the needs of the recipient.

Always accessible

It works 24/7 to deliver information anywhere in real time from a pc or mobile device via a free app.


In automatic process makes it easier to check and
avoid delays and inefficiencies
in delivering, storing and updating SDS.


Cloud/mobile technology ensures delivering and receiving take place rapidly and immediately thus promptly providing a constant flow of information.


The supplier can limit access to cloud areas to authorized users only to keep information transmitted confidential.


The web platform is intuitive and easy to use. Such an interface helps users consult reports, documents and results.

Why switching to Liburna SDS?

The only system that protects companies, workers and the environment.

Legal coverage

At any time, suppliers can show authorities the obligation fulfilment of the requirements specified in Title IV of REACH.

Two-way communication

Suppliers and recipients have a safe and exclusive communication system to share information along the supply chain,
in both directions

Cost reductions

The automatic system allows an effective human resource allocation reducing time and expenses.

Total control

Suppliers can locate all SDS reports and delivery statistics in real time.